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PAX – 6 is a member of the Pax gene family which is responsible for carrying the genetic information that will encode Pax – 6 (protein). It acts as a master control gene for the development of eyes and other sensory organs.

After birth, the PAX – 6 protein likely regulates the expression of various genes in many structures of the eyes.


PAX – 6 was founded by DAS STUDIO as a concept magazine for design, photography, illustration and visual culture. Started in 2016 we provide this magazine in a limited print edition
VERSIO Pop-Up Exhibitions.

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Lennart Brede Bernhard Handick
Lorenz Hartwig Peter Kaaden
Robin Hinsch Ilina catana & Nord Nord
Linus Lohoff Jenny Schäfer
Maria Schöning Maria Schöning
Pascal Schöning Pascal Schöning
Mario Wagner

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